We are fortunate to have dedicated and enthusiastic educators, some of whom have been with our kindergarten for many years.

Carolyn Stewart

Carolyn has over 30 years’ early childhood education experience. 

“Our activities are designed to build social and developmental skills through play – block building, for example, encourages team work, problem solving and explores mathematical principles like estimation and counting”.

Livia Prisco-Durst

Livia joined St Augustine’s in 2017.

“Working with children one on one is just as important as group play. It's essential that we  get to know each child’s strengths, so we can support them individually to participate and interact, and help them build new skills and confidence along the way”.

Katherine Serraglio

Katherine has been a valued educator at St Augustine’s for the last 20 years. 

“I love helping children to discuss and explore their senses through interacting with a range of natural objects like birds’ nests, insects and plant matter”.

Connie Alfronsetti

Connie joined St Augustine’s early in 2021.

“Painting, craft, sand and water play are just a few of the fantastic activities we offer that encourage children to use their imaginations, explore their creativity and self express with confidence”.

Lydia Morris

Lydia joined the kindergarten in 2020.

She is working with the 3 year old groups. Her passion is dance and she is excited to be joining the St Augustine's community. 

Yvette Elliott

Additional Assistant - 4 year old group

Rhonda Burton

Additional Assistant - 4 year old group

Amanda Zhao

Lunchtime Cover - 4 year old group

2021 4 year old program educators

  • Carolyn Stewart
  • Livia Prisco-Durst
  • Katherine Serraglio
  • Connie Alfronsetti

2021 3 year old program educators

  • Livia Prisco-Durst
  • Katherine Serraglio
  • Lydia Morris