Fee schedule 2021 – 3 year old

 Fees (per term)Other Charges (per termTotal
Term 1$480$25 – Maintenance levy
$20 – Incursion/Excursion levy 
Term 2$480$25 – Maintenance levy
$20 – Incursion/Excursion levy
Term 3$595$25 – Maintenance levy
$20 – Incursion/Excursion levy
Term 4$595$25 – Maintenance levy 
$20 – Incursion/Excursion levy
Total Fees $2,150$180$2,330

Fee schedule 2021 – 4 year old

FeesOther ChargesTotal
Term 1 $690$25 – Maintenance levy
$25 – Incursion/Excursion levy
Term 2$690$25 – Maintenance levy
$25 – Incursion/Excursion levy
Term 3 $690$25 – Maintenance levy
$25 – Incursion/Excursion levy
Term 4$690$25 – Maintenance levy
$25 – Incursion/Excursion levy
Total Fees $2,760$200$2,960

Kindergarten fee deposit 2021

Parents/guardians are required to pay the fee deposit on offer of a place. This payment is retained as Term 1 fees and for the maintenance and incursion/excursion levies. Payment will secure the child’s place in the funded kindergarten program.

For 2021 enrolments,  parents/guardians will only be required to pay a $200 deposit to secure a place with the balance of 2021 Term 1 fees payable prior to 30 September 2020.

Fee schedule 2022

ProgramFeeExcursion LevyMaintenance LevyTOTAL per termTOTAL per annumWeekly Hours
3 year old$305$20$25$350$1,4008
4 year old$690$25$25$740$2,96018

Kindergarten fee deposit and Term 1 payment 2022

3 year old – payment of full term fees at time of enrolment to secure placement

4 year old – New child – payment of full term fees at time of enrolment to secure placement

4 year old – Current attendee – $200 deposit at time of enrolment to secure placement; remainder of Term 1 fees billed and payable in late Nov/Dec.

Payment of fees

Invoices for the term will be issued one month in advance and must be paid by the due date.

Children turning three during the year

Children can commence the three-year old program when they have turned three. Full fees will need to be paid until such time to maintain the child’s place at the centre.

Levy Information

For both 3 and 4 year old groups a $100 maintenance levy fee is applicable, $50 of which is refundable after attendance at one working bee per year.  Working bees are held once per term and participation involves a minimum of two (2) hours to apply for the refund. Alternatively, should a family not be able, or not want to attend a working bee, a donation of $50 at the beginning of each year to the kindergarten would be gratefully received!

A 4 year old group Incursion/Excursion Levy of $100 per child ($25 charged per term) and a 3 year old Incursion/Excursion Levy of $80 per child ($20 charged per term) are payable.  This levy reduces the administrative burden on the teachers when arranging activities within and outside the kindergarten.

Any family experiencing difficulty in the payment of fees should contact the Assistant Treasurer to arrange a payment plan.


The kindergarten is a not-for profit organisation and works to a very tight budget based on class numbers at the beginning of the year.  Each student’s term fees are essential to maintain staff salaries and support the educational programs of the kindergarten.

Therefore, term refunds will only be available to those families whose position can be re-filled by a new family for the remainder of the term.

The form of the refund will be the pro-rata remaining term fee less a $25.00 administrative charge.

Fees for multiple births

Where there are twins attending the kindergarten, parents will be eligible for a 25% discount on the fees of the second child.  For multiple births the total term fee shall be calculated at twice the term rate.

Child Care Benefit (CCB)

The Commonwealth Government provides Child Care Benefit – Registered care to families who meet the work/training/study test. The amount payable is set by the Government and is claimed directly by parents/guardians from the Family Assistance Office. Claims can only be made after fees have been paid in full. A Child Care Benefit receipt will be issued by the centre each term.

Kindergarten Fee Contribution- Four Year Old Funded Kindergarten

The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development provides a kindergarten fee contribution when a parent/guardian or child holds a current Commonwealth Health Care Card, Pensioner Concession Card, Department of Veterans’ Affairs Gold Card, Temporary Protection/Humanitarian Visas 447, 451, 785 or 786, Asylum-seeker Bridging Visas A-F or Refugee or Special Humanitarian Visas 200-217 and also for families with triplets/quadruplets attending a funded kindergarten program in the same year. This contribution is paid directly to the Kindergarten in order to reduce the fees paid by families. The supporting documentation must be sighted prior to the start of each term or when the family becomes eligible by the Assistant Treasurer.

Fee payment issues

The Assistant Treasurer will issue an email reminder to those families whose fees have not been received by the due date.  If payment is not made, a phone call shall be made to ascertain if assistance is required in facilitating payment of fees.

Negotiations may involve payment by instalment on a weekly or monthly basis if there is a case of financial hardship. Where this is not the case and payment is not received by the start of the new term, then the matter will be referred to the Executive Committee of the Committee of Management and the place may be offered to another family.

Fees for late collection of children

The Committee reserves the right to implement a late-collection of children charge when parents/guardians/carers are frequently late in collecting a child or children. In these situations the following procedures will apply:

The qualified staff member will inform the parents/guardians/carer that if late collection of a child continues, then the Committee will be notified and the family will be charged a late fee the next time it occurs.

If after the reminder, the parent/guardian/career is over 10 minutes late in collecting the child or children at any one session, a fee of $1.00 for every minute, or part thereof, from the conclusion of the session/day will be invoiced by the Assistant Treasurer.

For any questions, please contact our Assistant Treasurer.

Email: assisttreasurer@staugustineskinder.org.au