Our Philosophy

St Augustine’s Kindergarten acknowledges the Wurundjeri people as the original custodians of this land and we pay our respect to their elders past, present and emerging for their care of the land on which we live and learn. The St Augustine’s Kindergarten community also recognises and respects the valuable contribution of the St Augustine’s Church Community in establishing and supporting the kindergarten. St Augustine’s is a unique community of learners where children, parents and educators are seen as strong and competent protagonists of their own learning. Our work together is inspired and challenged by the Reggio Emilia Educational Project and the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework.

Children are seen as capable competent citizens who have a right to a welcoming, safe and beautiful learning environment. We believe children learn best in a social context with experiences that encourage creativity, imagination, and collaboration. Children are encouraged to express and explore using multiple expressive languages. Documentation makes the learning taking place visible and allow reflection and promotes further research.

The family is seen as the child’s first and most significant teacher which is supported by the kindergarten. St Augustine’s is a community where all are welcome, and differences are celebrated. Families are encouraged to play a role in the learning taking place in the kindergarten and share their expertise within the community. Children are seen as valuable citizens with the right to have a voice in matters that affect them, and we strive to increase their visibility in the wider community.

We see both the indoor and outdoor environment as being instrumental in supporting children’s learning and as a space which is carefully planned. It is designed to support children’s research and investigations, positive reciprocal relationships, and a love of learning. Care and respect of the environment by the children and adults supports a sense of wellbeing and belonging. We have a sense of responsibility for the natural environment and work to support sustainable practices to reduce our impact on the world.

All members of the St Augustine’s kindergarten community are encouraged to develop thoughtful and reflective practice. All work undertaken is carefully evaluated and used as a springboard for further learning. This occurs daily and is made visible to ensure children and families can celebrate the learning process. Together children and adults build a portfolio to reflect the child’s learning throughout the year. Educators are seen to be continual learners and are encouraged and supported to keep abreast of current thinking and research in early childhood.