Anglican Early Childhood Services

Anglican Early Childhood Services are situated in local parishes throughout the Melbourne Diocese and provide high quality care and education to children aged birth to age six and their families. Anglican Early Childhood Services have a strong tradition of care and education to the children of the community, a service as relevant today as in 1943. The Centres cater for children and families within varied social, economic, and cultural communities. The work of these Centres is carried out in the name of the parish and as a direct extension of the work of the congregation.

Anglican Early Childhood Services and the individual Centres are committed to providing:

  • Care and Education of high quality to children and their families in the local community as part of the ministry of the parish.

Anglican Early Childhood Services are delivered by staff committed to the early years of education and the need to offer wider support to families. All Anglican Centres are born of a community need to provide high quality, affordable and accessible care and education for young children and their families. They are committed to continue this vital ministry to the community.